33.3P 8R 8.3A 

1B 1.3S


52.9% FG 41.7% 3P


5.3 T/O

68.5% FT





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Game 5 WCF . GSW-94 HOU-98. Game/Series Reflection.

Houston takes a 3-2 lead in this best out of 7 series.

What I saw tonight:

Golden State-

Golden State did not play very well. They did not executed their style of basketball throughout the entire game. They finished the game with 18 turnovers. Which lead to Houston scoring 18 points. Careless passes from everyone. Chest pass not 1 hand lob passes when Houston is playing tight defense.

Tonight 18 total assist coming from the team that lead the NBA in team assists with 29 per game. That’s a huge drop off. They forgot how to play there game. The Dubs also have been falling in love with Houston style of play. Which they have not been successfully doing.Throughout this series the Dubs have been relying on to much 1 on 1.

The Dubs overall plays and gets coached way to lackadaisical. On the court they lt play with a great deal of arrogance during the games. Often times they are losing focus. Maybe the the Western Conference Finals isn’t that big of deal to anyone over there. News flash you can win more games if try 100% all the time.

Houston Rockets:

What I saw from the Houston Rockets tonight is a team that truly believes in what they do . They’ve showed toughness, grit, and determination. The rockets are seizing their opportunities. By executing there style of play to perfection when it really counts. They are the hungrier team, every lose ball there is always a Houston player around giving it there all to get possession for their team.

In game 5 the Rockets shot 37% from the field and showed that there are others way to win in this league. Defense! Theres an old adage that says defense wins championships and offense sells tickets. Well if Houston keeps playing like this then we’ll be seeing them in the finals. They look and have the feel of a special team.

Houston you have the biggest game of your life coming up in game 6. Put this team away and go to the finals. You have been the best team all season now it’s time to close out and prove that to the world.

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Steph “The Chef” Curry 3rd Qt performance. Game 3 of the WCF

Just wow!

When you watch Steph Curry play like he did in the 3rd Qt. That performance makes you appreciate just how amazing he is offensively.

In the 3rd quarter alone he dropped 18 points. Shooting a perfect 7/7 in the quarter. Finishing the game with 35 points. He was playing unconscious. Getting 1 on 1 match ups that he just torched Houston. Scoring at will against the defender, a lot of the buckets were mainly on James Harden lol. Unconscious Curry is the most dangerous shooter of all time.

When you play basketball and you’re in the zone you’re not thinking you’re allowing you’re body to feel the rhythm of everything you every practiced in your life. Your body and mind become locked in.Essentially with his range and quick shooting ability (from any angle) while locked in. Makes him unstoppable and we’re witness a glimpse of his greatness is game 3.

Steph Curry performance in game 3 showed us why the Warriors are the best team on a mission for another championship.

Curry hasn’t had the best series so far against these Houston Rockets.

Curry is a great shooter.

Shooters Shoot.

No matter if you make or miss.

Keep shooting your shot.

I was watching him play just shaking my head of how good he is . It’s A GREAT sign to see this Curry erupt in game 3. Especially when he didn’t look so good in game 2. Game 1 he just look okay, but not playing like a superstar. The 2 x MVP let his presence be known this game.


How can you stop Steph Curry when he’s playing like Chef Curry pulling up from anywhere?

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2018 playoffs who is stopping Kevin Durant?

I have noticed that this year warriors team feels different.

The warriors are a fun team to watch. But what we are seeing from Kevin Durant is a man at full force scoring the ball. He has been unleashed this playoffs . I could put up numbers but that’s not doing justice . Just watch him . The efficiency, the hunger in eyes and him knowing it’s his time.

A 7 Ft mid range assassin which we saw in full display in game 1 vs the Houston Rockets. There’s no individual player that can stop him from getting up whatever shot he wants. Scoring 37points off 14/27 with majority of his shots being from the mid range.

My question is how do you stop Kevin Durant?

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Oklahoma City Thunder “Super Team” 2017-2018

OKC season has been big A JOKE!

Are you kidding me? A first round elimination isn’t very super. This super-team was supposedly constructive to take down the warriors. How did that go? LOL let me tell you a 1st round exit to the Utah Jazz lead by a rookie.

What did you think about OKC big 3 season?

Personally I thought they had a lot of ups & downs throughout the entire season. This team was all about moments; they would have great moments looking unbeatable and also have cringe performances that would leave us wondering why this team was even assembled.

Last year’s MVP Russell Westbrook tried to work with his teammates early on in the season. He didn’t buy into the team play after awhile. Went back to his old ways. As we watched him take over 40 shots verse the jazz as he tried to will his team to victory in which he wasn’t successful.

Paul George look good at times but also limited by the offense. Paul George also went cold throughout the last half of the season as all his scoring and field percentages all dropped. His shot was just off. Reason’s only Pg-13 knows. Playoff P had a good game 1. The rest of his games were mediocre or not good at all.

Carmelo Anthony looked outright awful. At the start of the season for about a month he peaked. Melo was looking good and this team was starting to look somewhat promising as he was their 3rd option. But soon after all his overall number’s dropped by December and throughout the season significantly. In the playoff’s I couldn’t find Carmelo on the court in the playoffs that’s how bad he was.

Questions for the OKC thunder of this off-season…

Let’s start with there big 3.

Russell Westbrook:

How do you build around Russell Westbrook?

You build around him like other great ball dominate guards. Tough guys and spot up shooters.

Are you okay with just going to the playoffs?

The window for OKC isn’t closing but the door has a door keeper and his name is Westbrook. He’ll be turning 30 this upcoming season. He’s average a triple double the last 2 seasons and is really the only star there. But on the other hand he is just getting 1st round early exits.

Is Westbrook willing to change his game or will he always be one dimensional?

I don’t know . First he needs a coach that will coach him. Billy Donovan has no control. I’d say hire Monte Williams or Mark Jackson to coach Westbrook.

Paul George:

You don’t fit with Westbrook obviously. You need to make a decision this year. Do you want get paid or compete for a title? Many teams in the league could use PG-13 as a great number #2 option or a 1a/1b situation. But he cannot be the best player on your team to win a championship.

Carmelo Anthony:

Horrible season, career lows in scoring and efficiency. Point blank OKC get rid of him ASAP.

How can you get Carmelo NOT to resign that 28M?

Melo look beyond old this year. He could bounce back but that does look like bleak after watching him this year in the playoffs.

Just trash Carmelo you need to do better or retire. Clearly you all about you money. (I’m not mad at that)

Question for Carmelo to ask himself:

Do you want a championship before you retire?

I know you want to finish in the top 10 in scoring. I’m expecting you to bounce back next year. Hopefully you’re in a better situation. But this year you were trash, sir.

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NBA 2nd round / playoffs

Has been boring. The first round had more exciting match ups and teams.

Another year and the east is still weak. Well… to me. Toronto has been the biggest fraud as a #1 seed that I’ve seen . This just shows you how “good” the east is. If Toronto is supposedly the best team in the east and they are on their way to get swept . That’s just pathetic . Go home and rebuild because that “core” will never win anything. The window has closed. Sorry not really.

Back to the king…

Another cake walk to the finals for Lebron, why?

Boston is young with no superstar.

Yes they are a very good team

Yes they are well coached.

But do we really believe they can take out the king? Without Kyrie? I would love for Boston and Cleveland to go 7 games just to see Lebron sweat. But hey if Cleveland loses it won’t hurt Lebron finals record. So you never know. Lebron is about stats/legacy/ and his brand.

As far as the west. For me from day 1 of this season I just knew Houston and GSW were on a crash course to face either other in the WCF. Which will probably be the best series of the entire playoffs.

Utah showed they got heart , but they are just outmatched by Houston potent offense.

Nola in the same boat as Utah just not enough talent to compete with the champs.

So let’s just get ready as we wish for the 2nd round to hurry up. 8 teams will be down to 4 teams.

What are your thoughts? Have you been enjoying the playoffs so far?

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NBA Playoffs: 2nd Round :Game 2 UTA vs HOU Quick Recap/Predictions

Let’s jump right into this one!

First i had myself a pre-game prediction. Which was new, i never done that. Found myself thinking how could Utah recover after being punched in the face (No pun intended; Charles Barkley) by Houston with their barrage of 3’s and heavy dosage of James Harden. The bearded one.


Personal prediction :

Uta – 113

Hou- 119

Series – Houston taking a 2-0 lead over Utah

Keys to win for each team :

For Utah – 

limiting turnovers

Run more offensive sets. (stop playing 1 on 1 all the time)

Have a lot of ball movement. Lots of assists everyone needs to score.

For Houston-

Play defense (limit lay-ups)

Get open look for 3’s

Win the rebound game.

Key players –


Donovan Mitchell bounces back and has a huge game. Estabilishing himself in this series as top dog for Utah.

30P 5A 8R 2S


James harden, he need more help scoring. In this series no one can really “stop” Harden.

31P 12A 6R 1S

1st quarter

The rockets forgot to wake up. Game 1 must have been to easy lol. Throughout the entire first quarter hou was just going through the motions.Utah came out with some aggression. Ingles was 3/4 from 3p. Mitchell was playing the role of Ricky Rubio setting up teammates with dimes. He finished 1st qt with 5 assists. A good sign for hou Chris Paul woke up and starting scoring at will toward the end.CP3 scored so easily , seizing up defender and crossing him up getting easy lay ups 1 on 1. Scoring on 2 straight lay ups and with 1 3P. CP3 showing Utah his presence early in the game . UTA had possessions where they slumped back into habits of game 1 beatdown. Example are when they have careless turnovers & not running good offense.

End of 1st.

36 UTA – 28 Hou

2nd qt

James harden woke up !

But only for 2 plays at the start of quarter. I was ready for James harden to go off! Another bright spot for hou Capela . Finishing with 13 as he picked up his 3rd foul at the 2 min mark. Harden went off ! Scoring 19 points in 2nd qt alone. He finished the half with 21P. Harden was so aggressive as he was 10/11 from the ft line. Hou closed the gap from a 19 p lead from uta.

Uta bench unit started playing loosely with the ball. What good came from that was Alex Burke . Super aggressive with this unit as they played faster he scored in transition . Uta was abusing hou defense with the pick n roll leaving 7’2 Gobert in the middle of lane for dunks.


64 Uta

55 Hou

3rd Qt

Houston quickly tied the game up. Uta now seem to be the team that fell asleep. Uta continue to play 1 on 1 and stop ball movement . Harden and Capela were the stars and the hunger from Houston was alive . Uta was just stuck in mud . luckily there bench kept them in the game as there best player Donovan Mitchell was still struggling with his shooting. Utah barely hung onto the lead.

End of 3rd Qt

86- Uta

85- Hou

4th qt

Both teams going back and forth . Around the 6 min mark of the 4th quarter . As Utah starts to creep away , Donovan Mitchell reignites his team with a tip in dunk off his own miss. He did this dunk in between 2 defenders that were both bigger than him. The next play Harden quickly drove and score on the offense end. Utah then bombed them with another 3. At this point in the game score Utah -103 Hou- 96. Harden air balled a step back 3 defender by who else? Donvona Mitchille. A few plays later Dante Exum patience decided to hold off on a 3P shot. But instead use some more clock and then hit the defense with this sweet spin move with the one hand flush under 1 minute left in the game. That sealed the game.

Final Score

Utah – 116

Houston – 108

Game over Utah got the split.

Series tied 1-1

My Assement:

Utah: Played very tough tonight. Made a lot of adjustments and showed Houston that they can win at Houston. Everyone on the team played very well. They had to beat houston twice being up so much so early. Never the less a win is a win. Series is tied and heading to Utah.

Houston: Played nonchaulant early. When they got down by 19 turn on the jets and caughted up very quickly. I didn’t like what i saw from them last night. To dependent on James Harden. Lack of bench production cost them in this game. Houston just has to play there game. Simple

Houston Player of the game-

Clint Capela

21P 11R 2B 2A (+4 in +/-) 

Utah Player of the game-

Donvoan Mitchell

17P 11A 5R (+13 in +/-)

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